With 100% commitment to certified clothing, we can improve our planet, make workers healthier and give farmers hope!

Neutral® is a market leading producer of sustainable apparel and accessories to the B2B-market. Neutral® is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the conventional textile industry, witnessing a constant pressure for lower prices at the expense of natural and human resources.

Having international sustainability standards covering the entire supply chain, the Neutral® business case is built on the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria for clothing production. Making sustainable clothing can be tricky. But with certificates it doesn’t have to be.

They guide us through the supply chain, from cotton field to final product, telling us what’s okay. Indian farmers have a hard time making a living from selling cotton due to weak bargaining positions and highly volatile prices in the global cotton market.

Fairtrade complements market mechanisms, giving Neutral® farmers a fair chance to improve their lives.

That’s why our certificates are more than funky looking stamps. They are your guarantee that Neutral® products are manufactured according to the highest social, ethical and environmental international standards. We call it Certified Responsibility™.

How we try to create a better future for farmers, tigers and our planet…

Deep inside Central India lie two of India’s oldest nature reserves. These are the home for thriving wildlife, untouched biodiversity and the iconic Bengal Tiger. Between the two reserves live around 14.000 small cotton farmers, whose fields function as important Tiger Corridors. Converting to organic cotton farming creates healthy corridors and help preserve both biodiversity and thriving wildlife. NEUTRAL has teamed up with WWF INDIA and LAUDES FOUNDATION to promote organic cotton agriculture in the area of Madhya Pradesh, India. We encourage farmers to go from conventional to organic farming, without the toxic impact of pesticides and chemicals, so the tiger, the wildlife, and the farmers can thrive

From this we have launched a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, zipped hoodie and bag to help these farmers.

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